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More Ayn Rand Lunacy


This video is a revelation. Take a look at the portion in the above video with the representative of the Ayn Rand Institute, who hawks for a more predatory system. It’s hard to believe this person was invited to appear on this segment.  But there you have it from the laissez fair-promoting CNBC.

Except for their contributions to the growing kleptocracy, it’s difficult to understand exactly what value-added today’s large-corporation CEOs provide.  Certainly, they do not earn their keep. But the CEOs rewarded so mightily for killing jobs deserve a special place in any rogues’ gallery. They are what is wrong with America.  

However, as several new articles illustrate here, here, and here, it’s much worse than that. Here’s is the source of the original study at the Institute for Policy Studies.  

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