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NLS Live Blogs Cooch’s Taxpayer-Funded “Town Hall”


I’m following Ken Cuccinelli’s wildly inappropriate and unethical, taxpayer-funded, political “town hall” meeting in Rocky Mountain at NLS’s Twitter feed. Here are a few “highlights,” to use the word loosely, so far. Thanks to Ben for the excellent coverage, by the way!

*”Wow, huge crowd, I have to go in the overflow room. Must be 200+ people here”

*”Wow, they are introducing Republican party officials for applause at a town hall paid for by the state.”

*”Cooch just said ‘from the dark side’ when intro speaker said he was from Fairfax.”

*”Poindexter claiming VA passed HC Freedom Act in response to federal bill that was passed. actually 2 month earlier”

*”Ken says he is here to discuss federal legislation that will raise electricity costs. Too bad cap+trade is dead.”

*”Words not used: “energy conservation”.”

*”Wow, Cooch is bragging about blocking money for utilities for Carbon Capture costs. Disgusting.”

*”Cooch claiming Cap+Trade will raise rates here by 35 percent. #liar”

*”Cooch claiming cap + trade will cost Virginia 50,000 job losses. #liar”

Lots more after the “flip.” My god, this is pitiful.

*”Cooch claims century aluminum closing in WVA raised people’s rates on average 5 dollars a month. #liar”

*”Speaker taking Cooch to task for allowing App Power for triple their PROFIT from 07 to 09.”

*”Cooch claims SCC is 3 judges. Wait, I thought they were Governor appointments.”

*”Woman complaining that proposed wind turbines are going to “invade” her home and overwhelm her with noise. #lie”

*”Cooch bragging about ‘beating back costs’ for wind turbines in recent rate case”

*”Rofl, Cooch says we need to adjust laws for ‘wind noise’ from wind turbines.”

*”After trashing wind power, Cooch says he is open to it. LOL.”

*”Cooch says those that oppose coal ‘push real estate agents to start selling caves’.”

*”Cooch claims EPA relying on UN Panel and overseas universities involved in climategate to create greenhouse gas regulations.”

*”Cooch says EPA relying on “bad” science.”

*”Speaker asks Cooch how much his political cases are costing taxpayers. Cooch attacks speaker.”

*”Cooch claims only 4 attorneys in his office working on health care case, 2 attorneys on greenhouse gas case. #lie”

*”Cooch says for those who want politics out of what he does ‘see the exit door!’ Holy Crap.”