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President Obama Restarts Arab-Israeli Peace Talks


Since I’m sure the Obama bashers out there, on both left and right, will not give him credit for the great work he and his Secretary of State have been doing since they took office to restart stalled, Arab-Israeli peace talks, I just wanted to say, “thank you!”  Also, for any of my fellow pro-Israeli, Jewish Americans, I sincerely hope that you will rethink the notion that Barack Obama is in any way, shape, or form anti-Israel. To the contrary, as you can see here, Obama is working closely with Prime Minister Netanyahu to promote a just and lasting peace in the region. And, if you believe this analysis, the threat from Iran may be just what is needed to focus everyone’s minds – Arabs and Israelis – and “serve as a common bond keeping a frail peace process intact.” On that score, we should also give President Obama credit, by the way, as he has skillfully ratcheted up international economic and diplomatic pressure against the despotic, oppressive, woman stoning, nuclear-weapons-seeking Iranian regime. For my part, I am strongly rooting for President Obama to succeed on all fronts, before it’s too late. At the least, I give him tremendous credit for trying, which is more than can be said for the Bush administration for much of its time in office.

UPDATE: Check out the Stratfor video analysis after the “flip.”

UPDATE #2: Video of Obama with Secretary of State Clinton and special envoy George Mitchell is after the “flip.”


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