Program! Can’t Tell the (Virginia Beach) Players without a Program!


    I’m trying to follow the city council election in Virginia Beach.  

    It’s quite a challenge:  There are 14 candidates.  Seven candidates are vying for two at-large seats.  Four of the seven geographical districts are in play, with three of them contested. City council is by law non-partisan, so party affiliation is not mentioned, which doesn’t help those who think that a candidate’s party affiliation communicates something, however imperfectly, about a candidate.

    I have found out that I’m not the only person having trouble co-ordinating names with faces and with positions.  I been a Virginia Beach resident for a little under a year, but even long-time residents can’t keep the field straight in their heads.

    So I made myself a program listing the candidates for both the city council and the school board.  It turned out to be pretty useful for making notes at last night’s candidate forum.  

    If you’re interested in Virginia Beach, you can download a copy (PDF).

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