Is Eric Cantor in trouble??


    Daily Kos is carrying a diary suggesting that Cantor may be in trouble.  The diary quotes what is alleged to be a press release from Rick Waugh’s campaign, but does not provide a link to the release and I can’t find the release on Waugh’s website.

    Here’s a link to the Kos article:…

    And here’s the text of the press release:

    7th District Poll Shows Eric Cantor’s Support is Dangerously Low

    Rick Waugh for Congress

    For Immediate Release

    Oct. 20th

    Polling conducted this week by Progressive Contacts using IVR or “robo” polling – technology that normally introduces a pro Republican bias of several points in any given poll – showed Rep. Eric Cantor’s numbers to be dangerously low for an incumbent.  In a sample of 1014 voters, adjusted for the demographic turnout model included as an attachment, only 51% (MOE +/- 3.4%) of voters responded that they would vote for Mr. Cantor if the election were held today. Mr. Cantor may think his support is a mile wide, but this poll proves it’s an inch deep.

    In a separate question, 48% (MOE +/- 3.9%) of voters said that they still knew nothing about Rick and his campaign.   Furthermore, 55% of voters (MOE +/- 4.0%) still did not know about Tea Party endorsed Independent candidate Floyd Bayne.   Mr. Cantor is losing support daily to Rick Waugh and Floyd Bayne.

    Rick Waugh is gaining name recognition daily as the campaign moves into its final push.  Mr. Bayne will continue to peel purist conservatives away from Mr. Cantor as more of those voters learn about his campaign in these final two weeks.

    Mr. Waugh had the following reaction to the poll,”I tell my supporters and staff not to focus on polls, but this poll shows just how weak the support is for Mr. Cantor and his brand of Washington DC business as usual.  If the election were held today, maybe I would only get in the 40s, and Mr. Bayne would get 10 percent, but our name recognition is going up by the day.  Our media presence will increase greatly over these last two weeks, and we have the field team and volunteers to win a close election with a massive get out the vote effort in the final 72 hours.”

    Anyone know wazzup???

    I mean, if Cantor REALLY is around 51 percent, and if there’s a Teahadist who can pull a few votes, and if Rick Waugh gets out into the public . . . we can always dream.


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