More Republican Insanity: Dick Black is Back!


    As crazy as Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Carl Paladino, Rand Paul, Linda McMahon, Joe Miller, and so many other Republican candidates and elected officials (e.g., Ken Kookinelli, “Sideshow Bob” Marshall) are this year, they’ve got nothing on former Virginia Delegate Dick Black. Yes, we’re talking about this guy:

    In an extraordinary recent interview (click to listen to MP3) with the radical right-wing group Concerned Women for America regarding HB2921, Delegate Dick “Baby Pesticides” Black insults his colleagues in the Virginia Senate, claiming that they are “aligned with various elements of vice and so forth.”

    Thanks to the Majority Report Radio blog for the great lead on this interview.  Read below the jump for details on this remarkable interview and suggestions for follow-up items on this bill.

    Delegate Black also spends time in the interview repeating the discredited claims of one of his star witnesses, pseudo-sociologist Paul Cameron. Black said, “The fact [sic] is, in children that have a homosexual parent, approximately 29% of children are molested by that parent. That contrasts with .6 percent of normal parents….a 50 to 1 increase in risk for molestation.”  No reputable scientific study backs up these claims.  Black continues by saying, “No structure is more unstable than a homosexual relationship.”

    OK, so I think we can all agree that he’s nuts, as sane conservative “Loudoun Insider” admits. And now, he’s baaaaack, “passing out invitations to the formal kickoff of his race for the state Senate on Nov. 11.” As the Washington Post article points out, this is the guy “perhaps best known for distributing plastic fetus models to fellow lawmakers preparing to vote on abortion issues.” Now, the madman’s back, probably running against Sen. Mark Herring (D) in the 33rd District. As “Loudoun Insider” writes:

    I honestly cannot believe we are here in 2010 talking about Dick Black trying to beat Mark Herring. It’s ludicrous. Yet we have incumbent Republican office holders lining up to endorse him and certainly the LCRC “leadership” ready to pave the way for him to the nomination. And I thought the GOP had really turned the corner here in Loudoun. We’re right back to 2007.

    Well, believe it. Sad to say, but this is – increasingly – today’s Republican Party. Scary. Nutty. Bizarre. Off the deep end. But increasingly, winning nominations and even general elections. What is this country coming to?


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