New Waugh push for Campaign Finance Reform


    Rick Waugh has been an excellent candidate running a very good campaign.  Today, in case you did not know, he had to deal with distractions in the form of vandalism against his personal property.……

    Someone vandalized his car outside his home…  

    But in spite of all this, Waugh is pushing forward with a new petition calling for Campaign Finance Reform.…

    Nice going, Rick.  Keep your head down and keep pushing.

    Go there and Sign It!

    From the website:

    I’ve proposed that Eric Cantor, Floyd Bayne and I hold a series of joint town-hall appearances across the 7th District to discuss how to change our politics and get the people in our district working again. We owe the voters of the 7th District an honest, unscripted discussion of the challenges we face. I want to tell people how we’ll manage their tax dollars, how we’ll hold down taxes, how we’ll make government work better and more efficiently, how we’ll fix our schools and how we’ll create jobs. Eric Cantor has refused. I believe one reason our legislature is broken is because politicians like Eric Cantor can be bought by big corporations, and these Cantorites no longer think they work for the people. Our broken legislature will not change until we overhaul our nation’s campaign finance rules so that we can again have government by the people instead of government by corporations and the privileged few. If you agree, then please sign the petition below. The petition and all signatures will be submitted to the entire Virginia congressional delegation after the election to demonstrate grassroots support in Virginia for campaign finance reform. This issue is not about who wins the seat to represent VA-7. It is about fixing our broken legislature.

    Nice, eh?

    Sign it here…

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