Tea Party Recruiting Limbaugh Listeners to use Advanced Get Out The Vote Application


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    As if you needed any more proof that the Tea Party is an extreme right wing organization, they are now airing ads on the Rush Limbaugh program.  But what’s scarier is the purpose of these ads:  to recruit volunteers for GOTV activities in the next week.

    From their email:

    If you haven’t looked at our website recently, you should.  We have added some really sharp folks to our technology team and they are making great strides in improving the quality and functionality of our website.

    Among the tools that have been added are Phone Lists and Walking Lists for volunteers to use to help us Get Out the Vote.

    To make the most of these tools we are running ads on the Rush Limbaugh radio program all week long.  The goal is to drive volunteers to our site and have them use these tools on a local level to maximize voter turnout next Tuesday.

    Of particular concern is their “one-of-a-kind Tea Party patented Poll Watching web program.”  I fully anticipate that one of the main reasons for these folks to be inside the polls is because they truly believe and expect that ACORN and the Democrats are going to try to steal votes.  With what we’ve been hearing from the rhetoric of the Tea Party, as well as from Republican operatives such as our own Fairfax County Board of Elections member Hans von Spakovsky, we should be prepared for widespread hair-on-fire, hysterical allegations of “voter fraud” next Tuesday.

    What this all means, of course, is that we need to volunteer and vote to stop the Tea Party.  Talking directly to voters — knocking on doors and making phone calls — is the number one way to win an election. This also means that we must be vigilant and watch for voter suppression tactics.  

    The Republicans are expecting an “epidemic” of voter fraud, and are training lawyers to eliminate as many ballots as possible.  Are we educating ourselves on how to identify these tactics?


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