Washington Post Poll: It All Comes Down to Turnout


    The new Washington Post/ABC News poll has a variety of findings, but the bottom line is that results on Tuesday all come down to turnout.  Here are the top line results.

    REGISTERED voters: 49% Democratic candidate-44% Republican candidate

    LIKELY voters: 49% Republican candidate-45% Democratic candidate

    More interesting results…

    REGISTERED voters: 50%-45% approve of President Obama’s performance as president

    LIKELY voters: 46%-52% disapprove of President Obama’s performance as president

    Bottom line: if voting on Tuesday is closer to “registered” than “likely,” Democrats will do much better than expected.  If not, they won’t.  So, do what you can over the next 48 hours to help get out the vote, and of course make sure you vote Democratic on Tuesday!

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