Brian Moran: 2009 vs. 2010


    In 2009, Brian Moran bashed Terry McAuliffe relentlessly for his ties to lobbyists, for hosting “weekly breakfast briefings for lobbyists at a downtown law firm,” for being the “booking agent of the Lincoln Bedroom.” More broadly, the Moran campaign trashed Terry McAuliffe for his connection to the world of money for access, aka, “the world of lobbying the federal government.”  For instance, see this page from Brian Moran’s website, which is still up today under a section called Pinocchio Report.

    And today, what’s Brian Moran up to? That’s right, he’s a registered lobbyist, for an organization that’s shady at best – the for-profit “education” industry. Can anyone reconcile this seemingly blatant hypocrisy?  Of course, Brian Moran is the same guy whose main claim to fame is raising a lot of money for Democratic House candidates when he was Caucus Chair. That’s fine, but then don’t turn around and bash fundraising, with lines like, “we need a fighter not a fundraiser.” And don’t bash lobbyists, then turn around and become one yourself, then turn around and run for DPVA chair, then try to weasel out of a law forbidding lobbyists from being state party chairs by claiming it only applies to state lobbyists – as if the moral and political issues aren’t of any importance! Unbelievable.  


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