Chap’s Right, Dem’s Must Compete Everywhere


    State Sen. Chap Petersen comments on the upcoming special election for the 16th Senate district.

    …this is a race in which Virginia Democrats must compete.  As I posted earlier, the Democrats are being boxed into the cities and inner suburbs in Virginia.  It’s unacceptable to walk away from the rest of the Commonwealth.  We must compete everywhere.

    The future is now for Virginia Democrats.  And it begins in Southside Virginia.

    Chap’s right, I couldn’t agree more. Oh, and despite Dick Saslaw’s deeply mistaken belief that it’s a “waste” of time and money for Democrats to compete in Southside Virginia (or anywhere else – remember, “you can’t win if you don’t play!”), right now we’ve got a potentially strong candidate, Pittsylvania County Supervisors Chairman Hank Davis.


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