Crazy vs. Crazy: “Sideshow Bob” Takes on “The Cooch!”


    You may recall that back in September, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli proposed that “gubernatorial candidates to pay up to $50,000 for a spot at the party’s nominating convention,” that LG and AG candidates pay “up to $25,000,” and that delegates to Republican conventions have to pay fees as well.  As the Washington Post reported at the time, “some Republican activists worry that raising filing fees could shut out unconventional candidates who have trouble paying the hefty fees to get into the nominating process.”  In addition, this move was “seen as a way to ensure the party chooses a convention to nominate its gubernatorial candidate in 2013, a nomination process that favors more conservative candidates who are popular with the party’s grassroots — like Cuccinelli.”

    Now, a potential rival to Crazy Cooch is punching back. Over at Virginia Tomorrow, Del. Robert “Sideshow Bob” Marshall argues that the proposed fees will: 1) “discourage some Republican voters (especially those with children) and candidates from participating in conventions;” 2) “mean fewer energized volunteers for General Elections;” 3) “make the party seem elitist;” 4) possibly violate the Voting Rights Act; 5) “could impact participation of minorities”; 6) possibly “violate the 24th Amendment ban on poll taxes;” 7) possibly “lead to criticism that some statewide incumbents are seeking to insulate themselves from competition.”

    By “some statewide incumbents,” read “Ken Cuccinelli.” Apparently, the same guy who’s so concerned with upholding every last comma of the constitution when it comes to the new health care law is not in the least bit concerned when it comes to assuring himself a smooth path to the Republican nomination for governor (presumably what he’s running for in 2013).  It will be interesting to see if other Republicans other than “Sideshow Bob” (e.g., Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling) speak out on this one, especially with the yearly Republican “Advance” (seriously, these guys won’t call it a “retreat”) coming up on November 19-20 (at the Hilton McLean Tyson’s Corner).

    P.S. Speaking of the “Advance,” it looks like “teh crazy” will be out in force, with Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum speaking at dinner, anti-immigrant fanatic Corey Stewart and Crazy Cooch both on the agenda, and of course with Bob Marshall and Dick Black hosting the Homophobia Hospitality Suite (my nickname for it) in room 724 on Friday night. Wild times in Tysons, check it out! 🙂


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