Dick Black Warns Supporters to Be On Best Behavior at Campaign Kickoff


    This is pretty amusing if you ask me.

    11 Nov 2010

    You Know Your Main Supporters Are Wacked Out of Their Minds When …

    … You have to remind them that there may be press at your campaign kick off!!!  Tonight’s the big night for the Black Brigade – the return of Loudoun County’s Best Friend (TM).  And so that we can help hide his real obsessions, please, dear followers, no talk of baby pesticides, bizarre internet porn, and fags.  People not on our side from the communist media might be listening in, so be on your best behavior!

    For those of you not familiar with former Delegate (and raging homophobic lunatic) Dick Black (R-Loudoun), I recommend this post, which covers a bizarre – even by right wingnut standards – radio interview he did with something called (no joke!) “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality” (“dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda”). Yep, completely bonkers.

    Oh, and just to remind everyone; “moderate” Republican Frank Wolf has supported Dick Black with both money and a ringing endorsement, even praising Black as “a vital member of my team” and urging his reelection. Basically, it’s a cornucopia o’ crazy in the Loudoun County Republican Party, and Frank Wolf’s an important part of it – enabler, funder, endorser, etc. The question is, how does Wolf get away with masquerading as a “moderate” while supporting a bunch of bigots and extremists? And how is it, exactly, that Wolf bears no responsibility for homophobic bigots and extremists like Eugene Delgaudio and Black, both of whom Wolf has supported in the past, and continues to support to this very day?  


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