DPVA Chair Should Be a Full-Time Job


    Proposition #1: The DPVA Chair job should be a serious, professional, full-time position. Obviously, people need to make a living, so the DPVA Chair should be compensated accordingly.  

    Proposition #2: Outside employment, aka a “day job,” could conflict in numerous ways – time commitment, ethics, appearance, etc. – with the duties of DPVA Chair. Again, this should be a full-time position that is fairly compensated.

    Proposition #3: Given the Democratic wipeouts of 2009 and 2010, as well as the challenges facing Virginia Democrats in 2011 (hold the Senate!), 2012 (win Virginia for Obama, Webb, and as many Congressional candidates as possible), 2013 (the governor’s race!) and beyond, we desperately need a chair who can devote his or her time and energies 24/7/365 to this job. That will involve traveling almost constantly around the Commonwealth, working to build up local Democratic committees, helping to identify and recruit the strongest possible candidates in as many districts as possible, crafting and disseminating a compelling Democratic narrative, and of course raising money.

    Your thoughts? Also, I invite the two candidates for DPVA chair, Brian Moran and Peter Rousselot, to respond in the comments section here whether they agree (or disagree) with the propositions listed above, and why. Thanks.


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