DPVA Congratulates McDonnell on Major Political Accomplishment


    Nice and snarky, the way we bloggers like it! 🙂

    Richmond, VA – Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director Dave Mills released the following statement today congratulating Governor McDonnell on his election to the position of Vice-Chair of the Republican Governor’s Association:

    “Bob McDonnell’s election as Vice-Chair of the Republican Governor’s Association is a testament to his hard work on behalf of Republicans and Tea Party candidates in places like Iowa, New Hampshire and Illinois. He’s spent a lot of time in his first year courting national Republican leaders and that time and effort is clearly paying off.  

    “Despite his political accomplishments, Bob McDonnell’s aggressive campaign schedule does raise valid questions about whether campaigning in other states is the best way for our Governor to spend his time, especially if taxpayers are footing the bill for his traveling security detail. Virginians did not elect Bob McDonnell to help him build a presidential campaign, they elected him to lead and make their lives better.

    “On the other hand, if the Governor’s gimmick-laden budget and his failed plan to sell the state’s profitable ABC system at a huge loss to taxpayers are the best we can expect from Bob McDonnell for the rest of his term, it might be better for everyone if he continues to spend most of his time outside of Virginia.

    By the way, it’s probably worth reminding everyone that Bob McDonnell’s been quite critical of political travel in the past. For instance, check this out (and also see this video, starting around 2:40):

    …after the parade, even Bob McDonnell got into the act of ridiculing the governor for holding two jobs in his speech to a few hundred spectators at a park pavilion. McDonnell, still smarting from Kaine’s harsh comments about him last week, said snidely “Governor, thanks for stopping back by in Virginia for just a little bit.”

    Pot, meet kettle?


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