How long will Micheal Steel last now?


    So, this could be the big win for Michael Steel after the last two years where many conservatives doubted him or even asked for his resignation several times. He still managed to keep his job, and proved himself with taking back the House.

    But that was because no one really knew how the election was going to play out this year. As much as they disliked Steel, no one wanted to be responsible for what would happen on this election.

    Now that has changed. Things went pretty well. Maybe not the total victory of taking back the Senate too, but things went very well in the House.

    Now the pundits say that the GOP has the momentum, with the GOP thinking that they can win 2012. With Obama not fully engage and the rest of the Dems being so easily scared, and with the population so easily discouraged/tricked, it looks rosy for them.

    So, what will happen with our favorite RNC chairman?

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