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Speaking of Messaging


Has anyone else noticed that the Democrats are already screwing the pooch for the 2012 elections? While we should rightly be humbled after Tuesday’s losses, we should not be buying into this self-proclaimed Teapublican mandate bullsh*t.

Failing to Finish Off the 2010 Elections

While Democrats are busy trying to figure out what went wrong, how to fix it, or just kissing up to the non-existent mandate, the Teapublicans are busy trying to convince the American People that the American People really did give them a mandate.  They’re trying to make us feel good about our new purchase after the sale. That’s smart marketing, especially when the American People, as a whole, really didn’t buy the product in the first place.  

ATTENTION DEMOCRATIC LEADERS: Get out there and start convincing the American People that they just got hoodwinked by a bunch of extremists. In sports proper “follow through” is coached constantly and in the aftermath of the election the Teapublicans are doing just that. Unfortunately Democrats are actually helping them follow through instead of disrupting it.

Giving into Teapublican Demands

Democrats are already giving in to the Teapublican demands before they’ve been sworn in. For example, Harry Reid on tax cuts for the upper income brackets: “If we need to work something out with the people who are really rich, I’ll have to look at that.”  

ATTENTION SENATOR REID: You are still the MAJORITY leader. Were the Republican leaders in the early 2000s, who held very slim margins, talking about caving in to Democratic demands? Hell No. Grow a pair or turn over leadership to someone who already has them. Er, make that a Democrat who has a pair. Given the current mentality I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats in the Senate simply handed leadership to the Teapublicans. Jeesh.  

Talking about Compromise

Democrats have been (foolishly) trying to compromise for the past two years and look what it got us. Democrats watered down a number of bills with Republican demands only to have them a) vote against the bills and b) demonize the Democrats for those same bills. Do our Democratic leaders really think that the Teapublicans mean it when they say “compromise”?  

ATTENTION EVERYONE WHO DOESN’T ALREADY KNOW: Compromise means one of two things to the Teapublicans: “NO” or “Do it EXACTLY like I say and I might vote for it. But I probably won’t until a conservative is in the White House.”

The only way to make Tuesday’s losses worse is to help set up the Teapublicans for victories in two years. And Democrats are doing just that. Doh!


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