Tea Party Apologizes to Keith Fimian


    As we’ve reported here on Blue Virginia, the Tea Party Patriots are in a panic over “their” freshmen Congressmen being “co-opted” by Washington insiders and have released almost 100 of the members’ personal phone numbers and emails.

    It turns out that Keith Fimian and two other losing candidates were on that list, but Fimian still received hundreds of calls from Tea Partiers urging him to attend the TPP-sponsored freshman orientation.  Here is part of the latest email:


    Thank you for making calls to your Congressmen-elect urging them to attend our freshman orientation this weekend.  It’s time to turn off the heat.

    We also need to apologize to some people.  In our haste to compile the list and get it out to you, some people who didn’t win their races were incorrectly included as having won…

    Specifically, we need to offer our sincere apologies to John Koster, Jesse Kelly, and Keith Fimian who ran for office and did not get elected but who were inadvertently added to our list.

    Losing such a close race can’t be easy for Keith Fimian.  The last thing he needs is to be pestered by a bunch of Tea Partiers.