“The ethnic community in the 10th District will be providing the cuisine.”


    Believe it or not, this Howie Lind individual is chairman of the 10th Congressional District (Frank Wolf’s district) Republican Committee. Even the Too Conservative blog finds “diehard [Jeff] Frederick Fanatic” Lind to be “from the wacky fringe” of the GOP, a “loudmouth malcontent” to boot.

    Anyway, I hope Mr. Lind enjoyed the fine cuisine last night at the Republican “Advance” (seriously, they won’t call it a “retreat”) from the “ethnic community in the 10th Dstrict.” Kind of reminds me of Felix Macacawitz’s “Ethnic Community Rally” back in 2006, at which at least half the 300 (or so) attendees were white, and at which there were no more than single digits of African Americans and/or Latinos. Other than that, as Greg reported on Raising Kaine at the time, there were “a couple busloads of people from Asian-American church groups.” That was about it for the Republican “ethnic community rally” (oh yeah, let’s not forget that “a large contingent of ‘ringers’ from GWU showed up, almost all white, and provided the cheering crowd which gave Allen such a roaring sendoff”). But I’m sure there were lots more “ethnic” Americans at the “Advance” last night out in Tysons Corner…no doubt, enjoying the fine “cuisine” they had prepared for the (overwhelmingly white) Republican guests.

    h/t: Loudoun Insider, also known as a “sane Republican,” at the Too Conservative blog


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