Yet Another Reason Why Peter Rousselot Should be DPVA Chair


    Need another strong reason to support Peter Rousselot for DPVA Chair?  How about the fact that he’ll be able to devote himself 24/7 to the job, while his opponent…well, see here for more on that subject.

    This weekend the 10th District Democratic Committee is meeting and invited both candidates for DPVA Chair to attend. Peter Rousselot accepted and is attending. Brian Moran declined because he is “away all weekend for a work-related trip” according to the Chairman.

    Oh, and what type of “work” are we talking about here?  For more information on that subject, see the New York Times, FRONTLINE’s expose, a fine ABC News story by Chris Cuomo, what the United Negro College Fund and other civil rights organizations have to say, Sen. Tom Harkin’s report on this issue, and much, much more. Also, as Elaine in Roanoke asked yesterday, “Why would we Democrats put ourselves in a position of never being able to raise questions about lobbying and its influence on contemporary politics by selecting a lobbyist to chair the party?” And why would we Democrats put ourselves in a position where we select someone who can’t devote full time and energy to the job over someone who can?  It makes no sense whatsoever.

    P.S. Photo courtesy of Clifford’sPhotography