2011 – A look ahead at our next Congress


    I am sure many of you are warm from the glow of Christmas, planning your New Years Eve, making New Years resolutions, etc, etc.  So am I.  However, it behooves us to think about the year ahead.  What it means for the United States and what it means for our future.  

    Let’s start with the situation most destructive to the United States.  No, not Afghanistan.  I am talking about Congress.  Made up mostly of corporate criminals who have sex with farm animals (alleged), our Congress is the shame of America.  A who’s who of imbeciles who joined to get away from their wives and find new mistresses or secret gay lovers.  Now, just for clarity, I am talking about the 112th Congress.  The 111th Congress was a Democratic majority, even considering the blue dogs (centrist Democrats).  Of course, the tragedy of the blue dogs is that they became more conservative when their campaign contributors on Wall Street promised them a new flatscreen television and an X-Box if they caved into Republicans on many critical issues, or at least watered down legislation so the banks and other corporate criminals could still pay out lavish bonuses to executives to continue their cocaine habit.  Then, the blue dogs got their asses kicked on election day anyway; and on Christmas morning – no X-box.

    Of course, that is the House, where at least they pass legislation.  Now there’s the Senate;  a collection of mostly sextagenarians and septuagenarians who poop in their sleep.  Oh yes, they also block legislation.  Almost all of it.  Generally without much effort.  No need to bother with a filibuster.  They have sleep to catch up on!

    Led by Senate Majority Leader, 71 year old Harry Reid D-NV and Senate pro tempure, Daniel Inouye D-HI, only 86 years old – they are ready to gear up for the future.  

    The Republicans are led by Senate Minority leader, and the most powerful half man/half turtle in America, 68 year old Mitch McConnell R-KY.  At his side is his 68 year old assistant, John Kyl R-AZ.  Together they intend to spend all their time trying to make sure President Obama is a one-termer.  Because after all, the most important thing to the unemployed is for the Republicans to stop Obama in 2012.  I mean, who cares about jobs, or deficits if that Kenyan socialist is still in the White House?  

    Now you must be saying, what about the Freshman Congressmen?  There are over 100 of them starting their new jobs next month.  Wikipedia has a list of these Freshman Congressmen.  I have not followed this group closely enough to comment on any one of them.  A number are from the Tea Party.  Too bad they didn’t get to vote on Obama’s tax deal, because it would have shown how many actually care about deficits, and how many are completely full of crap.

    These Freshman are the ones who will decide on whether we raise the debt ceiling or whether we can actually cut enough from the discretionary budget to reduce our debts (because God forbid we cut military spending or tax the rich).  They will also decide whether they want America to continue its commitment in Afghanistan where we are trying to train illiterate nomads on opium to protect their country.  I wonder whether they are brave enough to say enough is enough, or if they will at least make sure our troops will be taken care of when they get home.  

    Truly, this Congress has as important a role as any in history.  No more focus on steroids in baseball.  We need to focus on steroids in the financial community.  

    President Obama had to add $850 billion to the debt; much of it for rich people; just to resolve the START Treaty, DADT repeal, support for 9/11 first responders, renewable energy investments, children’s nutrition and food safety.  That’s right, he had to compromise to make sure we keep rats away from our eggs and to give fruits and vegetables to our kids for lunch.  What will he have to give up for his priorities next year?  Health care is already in jeopardy.  So is financial reform.  

    So, with the Democrats tail between their legs – as donkeys tend to do when they are thoroughly beaten – advocates need to rise up.  We need to watch Congress as closely as we can and expose any of the liars and hypocrites (on both sides) when they inevitably F-up.  

    2011 will be an interesting year.  I hope you all will be watching, participating, and fighting for a better future.


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