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Bernie Sanders’ Flame-Throwing Class Warfare Speech


Senator Bernie Sander (I-VT) recently delivered a firey speech on the Senate floor in which, in his usual blunt New England Yankee fashion, he laid it on the line: “We are in the midst of a war in this country,” and he made it abundantly clear that he meant a “class war” which the obscenely rich upper one percent of Americans are waging against all the rest of us. He does not spare his fellow Senators, but his most sarcastic comments skewered his Republican “friends” and their priorities: more tax breaks for billionaires overcomes their professed concern about the national debt. It is a delight to watch Bernie’s dramatic delivery— he is so clear in his graphic picture of the greed of the wealthy and the fawning of their Republican lackeys in Congress that even the most brainwashed Fox Viewer has to get the message. Maybe we should elect Bernie Sanders President.



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