Bob McDonnell: George Allen was “a very good senator”


    Sometimes, I can’t tell if Bob McDonnell seriously believes the bovine excrement he spews or if he actually believes it.  Here’s a prime example.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) was quick to defend his longtime friend George Allen against a biting remark by Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, who called Allen a “mediocre” senator.

    “I think a lot of George Allen,” McDonnell said on his monthly radio show Tuesday on WTOP. “I served with him in the legislature when he was governor. He was the most dynamic governor of the modern age. I think he was an exceptional governor. He was a very good senator.”

    The fact is, in this case, Corey Stewart is correct – George Allen was a “mediocre” – at best – Senator. Actually, on second though, Stewart’s being way too generous.  Unless, of course, you consider voting with George W. Bush 97% of the time to be “mediocre” as opposed to “godawful.”  Also, I’d point out that Allen hated being in the Senate, said it was boring (what, can’t toss a football or ride a horse in there?), compared it to a “wounded sea slug.” Recall that in early 2006, Allen’s plan was to get the heck out of the Senate – by winning the Republican nomination for President and moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Other than that, there’s this small fact: in his 6 years as Senator, George Allen’s great accomplishments were…uh, uh, uh, uh – nothing! I mean, he did introduce a going-nowhere-fast constitutional amendment to balance the budget, as well as the perennial (also going nowhere) line-item veto, plus the ultra-gimmicky “Paycheck Penalty Legislation, which withholds salaries from Congress until a budget is passed by beginning of the fiscal year.”  Other than that, Allen didn’t do much in the U.S. Senate, other than occupy a seat and office space.  Does that qualify as “mediocre” (Corey Stewart), “very good” (Bob McDonnell or “worthless” (me)?


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