I Am Not The Only Person On The CPSU Theme?


    I think I saw at least one  reference here to something along the lines of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    If the Party does not belong to the people, the people should leave the Party.  And this Party sure as hell does not belong to us.

    If the hacks are not capable of exercising independent judgment, then the hell with them.

    Ok, SO MUCH FOR DPVA, a worthless organization if ever there was one.

    Pessimistic or optimistic is not even the point right now.

    The Democrats just freaking suck.  They are shiftless, gutless & useless.  They had a MANDATE.  You can make an argument that they governed with reasonable competence, but they failed to manage politics effectively.  You cannot just blame it on the Tea Party or unemployment.  GRAB THE GODDAMN BULL BY THE HORNS AND STRUGGLE WITH IT.

    HOWEVER, IF  the talented bunch of progressive, younger Dems in the US Senate would turn that sinkhole upside down, I would change my opinion.  There is enormous talent sitting in the US Senate.  (I am not talking about Mark Warner, who I’d be happy to see run for Governor.  The only good thing he’s done in the Senate that I know of is support the Consumer Finance Protection Agency.)  I am looking to the young Progressives for action.  It is not about liberal action.  Just some common sense action & a practical demonstration that the Democratic Party has a pulse, passion & purpose.

    We have a lot of problems & no time for the shiftless dithering it now appears we can look forward to over the next couple years.  


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