Is Jim Webb a Shoo-In for Reelection in 2012?


    If Jim Webb decides to seek reelection in 2012, is he a shoo-in?  Based on this superb analysis, on a pro-Republican blog no less, I’d have to say “yes.”


    It’s not even 2011 and that’s my sentiments about the 2012 Republican nomination battle. While most of the state is not paying attention to this intra-party nonsense, the posturing by the candidates and soon-to-be candidates has been awful. There’s no other word for it, simply awful from top to bottom. With the selection of a primary, the stage was set for former Senator George Allen to ascend. Bob Marshall and Jamie Radtke’s only chances were a convention, so with State Central opting for a primary, that in theory would have preempted any candidacy. Whoops.

    The analysis goes on to conclude that George Allen, aka “the man we know and love as ‘Felix Macacawitz'”, is the strong, odds-on (1:3) favorite for the Republican nomination to face Webb in 2012. But not before “the uncomfortable prospect of [a] scorched earth, ‘anyone but Allen'” contest that makes this a “long year” for Republicans. And at the end of the GOP nomination process, we get a clueless, unrepentant George Allen, which means we start with “macaca,” we continue on with his apparent shame over having Jewish heritage, we recall his habitual use of the “n word” and other shenanigans (deer head in a black family’s mailbox, noose in his office, love for the Confederate flag), we then proceed with his 97% voting record with George W. Bush, onward to his utter lack of accomplishments – and disdain for – the “wounded sea slug” of a U.S. Senate, etc, etc. And all this will come in a presidential election year, with President Obama on the top of the ticket and looking like a strong favorite for reelection.

    Given all this, how does “Felix Macacawitz” improve his 2006 performance and beat Jim Webb, who would start this time with staff, money, and incumbent advantages?  I have no idea, but if anyone thinks of anything, please let me know. Until then, I’m penciling in Jim Webb as a “shoo-in” for reelection in 2012. That is, assuming he decides to put himself through the torture of running, of attending events, of kissing babies, of doing call time, and generally of doing the thing he hates most in the world – being a politician.  


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