“Jim Webb’s ”Twas the Night Before Christmas … in Washington'”


    And you thought videos by the Democratic Party of Virginia chairman were bad? Well, actually, yes they are. But at least they’re not as bad as this…this…this…THING by Republican Party of Virginia chair Pat Mullins.  I started watching it, and my first thought was, “wait, did I miss something, was there another vote on health care reform?” Then I finally got to the line in Pat Mullins’ “poem” about the Senate vote for historic health care reform was actually a year ago. So, why are we getting this grumpy, crotchety, clueless old coot’s attempt at “poetry” now? And why is it aimed at Jim Webb?

    Clearly, the RPV is all excited that one judge – a George W. Bush appointee (natch) who has a financial interest in the issue – has ruled narrowly, and incorrectly according to at least one conservative analyst – on the Republican idea (NOTE: John Warner (R-VA) voted for it!) known as the “individual mandate.” Also, Jim Webb might be running for reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2012, which is still more than a year away. And somehow this necessitates three minutes of awkward, forced, painful “poetry” by Pat Mullins?  Hey, here’s an idea — perhaps we should have a competition for which Virginia political party chairman can produce the worst, most painful, most cringe-inducing videos?  A few days ago, I would have put the DPVA in the narrow “lead,” but not after this nightmare before Christmas by Pat Mullins!  On with the competition! 🙂


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