John Kerry Rips Republicans, Wikileaks


    Well, John Kerry certainly wasn’t pulling any punches on Meet the Press this morning. First, here’s Sen. Kerry on the Republicans:

    The Republicans are fighting to keep in place a tax policy that has failed over the last eight years.  It has failed.  We have had a net loss of jobs, and what we’ve seen is a Republican Party that’s absolutely prepared to deny unemployment insurance to people who have been laid off, who can’t pay their bills, who want to, you know, put food on the table for their families.  They’ve said, “No, we’re willing to hold that hostage so that we can give the wealthiest people in the country a bonus tax cut.” …What they’re fighting for is to give those people who earned more than a million dollars a year a bonus tax cut above that, even though it’s the least effective way of creating jobs and, and putting impact into the economy.

    Great stuff, John Kerry was on fire this morning, maybe because he was sick and tired of listening to the guy who preceded him on the show, lying weasel Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Anyway, that was just a warmup.  If you enjoyed that, join me on the “flip” for more.

    Here’s more John Kerry, this time on how the Republicans are “fundamentally reckless.”

    I think it’s critical for people to understand what the Republican–how bankrupt, how fundamentally reckless their position is and has been. And the fact is–I mean, let me go a little bigger here for a minute. Our country is challenged economically as never before.  You know, people talk about American exceptionalism and how there’s sort of this automatic for America.  Yes, we are exceptional, but we’re exceptional when we do exceptional things, when we behave exceptionally.  We’re not doing that today. We’re locked down into a gridlock status where other countries are racing by us.  I’ll give you an example.  Over the next 20 years, $600 billion is going to be invested in green technology and green energy.  New jobs.  New jobs that could be for Americans.  Ninety percent of that investment’s going to be in other countries, David.

    …You know, two years ago China produced 5 percent of the world’s solar panels.  Today they produce 60 percent.  We’re not even in the game.  We, we invented this technology at the Bell Laboratories 50 years ago.  We don’t have one company in the top 10 companies of the world.  Shame on us.  The point I’m making is that you can’t just talk about American exceptionalism and then sit around and feed the frenzy of this tax cut at the upper end.  You’ve got to invest in America’s future.

    Finally, here’s Sen. Kerry on Wikileaks:

    there is real damage.  Social Security numbers of individuals have been made public.  Technology about roadside bombs has been made public.  The relationship of a president, let’s say, of Yemen, who is involved with us in helping to fight domestic terror in Yemen has been exposed for parts of his relationship with the United States.  It could be very damaging to our efforts there…

    …David, you know, I was very much involved back in the days when the Pentagon Papers came out.  This has no relationship to something like that.  This is voyeurism. This is sort of a anarchical kind of act by someone who wants attention that is not revealing some truth about a government lying or a policy that’s been misled.  This is just letting people in on the inside of something where it has great ability to undo our ability to protect the interests of our country.

    I’m with John Kerry on all of this. What about you?


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