START Achieves Cloture; 28 Republicans Vote “Nay” on National Security


    With a 67-28 Senate cloture vote this afternoon, it now looks like the new START Treaty will easily be ratified, most likely tomorrow. That’s great news, which we should all celebrate. Except for the following 28 members of the politics-over-national-security Republican caucus:

    Barrasso (WY), Bunning (KY), Burr (NC), Chambliss (GA), Coburn (OK), Cornyn (TX), Crapo (ID), DeMint (SC), Ensign (NV), Enzi (WY), Graham (SC), Grassley (IA), Hatch (UT), Hutchison (TX), Inhofe (OK), Johanns (NE), Kirk (IL), Kyl (AZ), LeMieux (FL), McCain (AZ), McConnell (KY), Risch (ID), Roberts (KS), Sessions (AL), Shelby (AL), Thune (SD), Vitter (LA), Wicker (MS)

    They should all be very proud of themselves. True American patriots. Not.