Webb Votes for Defense Authorization Bill, Including DADT Repeal


    Thank you Jim Webb!

    Adjusting to reality is what Webb promotes most in the interview, saying that he voted to proceed on the defense authorization bill that includes a proposal to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which prevents gay service members from serving openly in the military.

    “DOD will tell you that the percentage of people in the United States military who are gay and lesbian is about the same right now as it is in society at large, and no one is calling for those people to be discharged from the military.

    “The military has accepted the fact that…there are now and have been in the past gay and lesbian service people. The question is how you deal with this…”

    Without committing to how he will vote on final passage, Webb confirms that he will again vote for the defense authorization bill to proceed.

    I heard this earlier today from Webb’s staff confidentially, and was very pleased. Now, it’s public information, so I can share it.  Thank you to Jim Webb for helping to end this unjust policy! (now, if only Republican Senators would stop being the last homophobic holdouts in the country on this subject…)

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