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Young Dems Get Skunked By Arlington’s Elected Officials


When someone got shutout on our college foosball table, we’d tell them they got skunked. Well, tonight the Arlington Young Democrats got skunked by Arlington’s Democratic elected officials.

Zero Democratic officials attended tonight’s Arlington Young Democrats elections. The same Arlington Young Democrats who sent volunteers to multiple Congressional districts across Virginia this year. Who are the backbone of any Arlington County Democratic Committee volunteer event. Who get flak from any Arlington Democratic official whose campaign they don’t deliver 110% support for.

How many Dem officials who no-showed tonight's @Arlingto... on TwitpicI asked several AYD officials why there wasn’t a single Democratic official (including zero ACDC representatives) in attendance. Did invitations not go out? Were they told not to attend? No, they told me – every one of Arlington’s Democratic leaders said they had a conflict. Yet not one AYD leader would say a bad word to me about any of those people & offered hope that those officials would attend the upcoming AYD holiday party.

As I walked out, I took this cell pic of all the Arlington Democratic elected official name tags still sitting untouched on the check-in table. How many of those same elected officials will be demanding AYD’s full & unconditional support for their own campaigns next November?

Former Arlington County Democratic Committee Chair Peter Rousselot & former Lt. Gov. candidate Mike Signer were both there to show their support for Arlington Young Democrats. Tonight I had to wonder why the no-shows are Arlington’s elected officials – and people like Peter & Mike aren’t.


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