Bob McDonnell on Transportation Funding: Then and Now


    Back in 2009, Bob McDonnell attacked Creigh Deeds – and rightfully so, perhaps – for not having a transportation plan, while bragging about the “extent and specificity” of his own (supposed) plan for transportation funding. “Like selling state liquor stores to invest a half billion dollars to widen I-66, improve I-95, and expand Metro to Dulles.”  So, how’s that all working out for you now, Governor McDonnell?  Let’s see: liquor store revenues – zero. Improving I-95? Not happening. Expanding Metro to Dulles? Yeah, sure, the plan is sharply higher tolls on the Dulles Toll Road, so high that your fellow Republican, Jim LeMunyon, is attempting to slow or stop them. Heckuva job, Bob.

    P.S. Oh yeah, and what ever happened to the other cornerstone of McDonnell’s “plan” for transportation, that being offshore oil revenues?  They were mythical then, they are mythical now, they will be mythical tomorrow and next year and…