Eric Cantor Won’t Call Birtherism Illegitimate or Reject Birthers


    Watch as Eric Cantor continues to play footsies with – and refuses to disown or condemn in any way – the craziest members of his “base.” Now that’s leadership, huh? Eric Can’tor style “leadership,” that is…

    • normanva

      I’m no fan of cantor but this has me laughing.  I have rarely seen such verbal dodging.  At least cantor finally babled out that Obama is a citizen.

    • Cool_Arrow

      Usain Bolt has just put out a press release:

      It has come to my attention that Mr. Eric Cantor poses a huge threat to my world records. When he is asked a question that the answer is obvious but that obvious answer would anger his base he runs away and very fast.

      It is my profound hope that he will be focused the next two years on staging laughable political stunts and coming up with pointless legislation that has no chance of becoming law. This way he will likely forget to enter the race against me.


      Usain Bolt