Frank Wolf Demonstrates to Neil Cavuto How NOT To Do an Interview


    Even for those of us who know to expect extremely little from Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10), this interview with Neil Cavuto of Faux “News” is truly painful to watch. I mean, can anyone for the life of them understand what on earth Wolf is blabbering about here? Asked whether he supports or opposes “earmarks,” what we get from Wolf is: a long and rambling discourse on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, study commissions, etc; continued, condescending insults by Wolf to Cavuto (that Cavuto supposedly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that Cavuto needs to take a course in history and/or Political Science 101, that Cavuto and is basically an imbecile, which I guess I wouldn’t argue with – lol); 8 minutes of completely dodging the question and obfuscating; Wolf whining about Cavuto “raising his voice” and not letting Wolf finish; quotes from the Bible (“my feet are made of clay,” “do unto others”) that leave Cavuto completely scratching his head; ending with laughter in the studio and comments on the Faux “News” website about “[u]nabashed arrogant bloviating” by Wolf.  Anyway, thanks to Congressman Wolf, you gave us all a good laugh today! 🙂


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