NLS on “Ken Cuccinelli’s Massive Expansion of Government”


    I very much enjoyed reading this and thought I’d pass it along.

    This might make a top ten list of the biggest hypocritical moments of Ken’s time in office– but it wouldn’t be #1.  The top one has to be filing a lawsuit against the federal health care bill that is designed to cover more people- when Ken took a state subsidy for his entire family for government health care while he was a State Senator- a subsidy that was not available to any other part time state employees other than members of the General Assembly.

    So taxpayers need to pay for more staffers for Ken, and even for health care for Ken’s entire family while he was in the Senate- but not for any of the real needs we have in the state? Apparently that’s the position out in right wing Virginia land.

    Good stuff, yet another story the corporate media isn’t covering, and yet another reason why it’s important that we have independent, progressive new media to call out corruption, incompetence, lunacy, extremism and hypocrisy by powerful government officials. That includes, by the way, both Republicans and Democrats, although obviously, as progressives and as Democrats, we believe that the “Red Team” is far more egregious – by many orders of magnitude – than the “Blue Team.”

    UPDATE: In other news, did you know that Ken Cuccinelli recommends “The Communist Manifesto,” published in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, as this work supposedly “is embraced by ‘large swaths of academia and the legal profession and the people who know how to run our lives better than we do – just ask them.'” Here at Blue Virginia, of course, we all personally lull ourselves to sleep each night by reading the Commie Manifesto. That, and the latest socialist/communist/fascist (yes, we know those are mutually contradictory, but since when has logic or internal consistency been a hallmark of the Kookinellis of the world?) speech by Barack Hussein Obama. Heh.  

    • blue bronc

      I wonder if the anti-American bothered to read it in German.  or is he looking for an original version in Russian?

      Hmmm what other important works would a typical person with a higher degree than swamp water sucker read. Perhaps The Origin of the Species? Or maybe something like poetry? Or at least twenty of the one hundred listed on any entry level college compendium of recommended readings to be a better student and person.

      If he had read the work he would know it does not say anything like he says it does.  But, what the H, Republicans can and do lie, make stuff up and call it fact, distort and generally hate working American.

    • Hey Ken, when did you do the research to specifically state the reading preferences of “large swaths”?  What is a “large swath” anyway?

      Did you use “The Communist Manifesto” instead of the more significant “Das Kapital” because it includes the wedge buzzword label “Communist” which Republicans have historically used interchangeably to slander Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, and Free Thinkers?

      It’s no longer the nasty label that you intend it to be, history has passed you by.

      In case you haven’t noticed, China, the largest Communist country that ever existed is now firmly in the Capitalist camp and they are our banker as well as our supplier of abundant consumer goods.  Textbook Communism as the model of government promoted by Marx, Engels and others never succeeded and only fragments exist today in countries that continue to call themselves Communist.  

      So, Ken, how about a list of books that you and yours “embrace”?  You are free to respond here……..