Pneumatic Guns – Coming to Your Neighborhood ?


    SB757  (Roscoe Reynolds): a bill that prevents localities from regulating powerful pneumatic weapons on private property, is on the floor of the Virginia Senate.  Pneumatic weapons are BB guns on steroids capable of discharging projectiles that are similar in size to small .22 rifles and handguns at rapid speeds. Heavily populated localities have been allowed to regulate the use of such weapons but Reynolds’ bill would take that authority away on private property.  Just like regulating the discharge of regular (gunpowder operated) firearms in heavily populated areas in more urbanized counties and cities have different needs than more rural counties.  

    We understandably don’t want citizens shooting these weapons in small backyards where neighborhood children could be just a few feet away in an adjacent yard. A representative from local government and Andrew Goddard, President of the Virginia Center for Public Safety testified against the bill in Committee, but it passed out on a 9-6 vote.

    Pneumatic guns can have  fire power similar to small caliber firearms – these are not your 12 yr old’s toy air gun.  And now, the Senate is actually considering allowing these to be fired in your next door neighbor’s back yard!!

    SB757 is up for second reading on Monday, 1/31

    PLEASE, for safety’s sake, particularly our children & pets, contact your senator IMMEDIATELY and ask them to vote NO on SB757.


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