Rep. Connolly Blasts GOP Attempt to Bring Back “Pre-existing Conditions”


    On the House floor earlier today, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-11th) blasted the Republicans’ attempt to bring back pre-existing condition restrictions on health care coverage, not to mention to open up the “doughnut hole” for seniors and to increase the deficit significantly. As always, heckuva job by the Republican’ts.

    P.S. Of course, there is ZERO – nada, nil – chance that the Republicans’ health care repeal effort will actually happen, so this is all just cynical “kabuki theater” and pandering to the far right wing. In fact, as recent polling indicates, only 26%-30% of Americans – the Teapublican “base” – wants to repeal health care reform, while as many as 43% actually want to change it so that it does more than it does now!  In short, Republicans are wrong on the policy, and also wrong on the politics, as they work against the clear wishes of 70% of the American people.


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