Republicans Shocked – Shocked! – that Huge Tax Cuts Increase the Deficit


    This pretty much sums it up regarding Republican “shock” that extending the unpaid-for, enormous Bush tax cuts would increase the deficit. Uh guys? It’s called “math,” ever heard of it?

    More Jethro Bodineism from the Republican Party. It kind of comes down to basic math here. If you cut the revenue of the nation, and you don’t cut the spending at the same time, you get a higher deficit, capisce? There is nothing radical about that, you collect less money, you have less money to spend. Kind of basic, right?

    Which is why it just puts a giant spot light on the fact that as a group Republicans have as much fiscal credibility as my late Springer Spaniel. Roll Call is quoting Sen. Mark Kirk as saying:

    “I think everyone is in a collective state of shock right now over the CBO numbers.”


    • Along with science, Republican’s don’t like math apparently either.

      O/T but….

      Surprised you haven’t hit on McDonnell’s huge failure in coordinating efforts last night in NoVA after the snow.

    • blue bronc

      The repub’s didn’t have a chance to screw the results and are now shocked that it went public.

    • Republicans need to “man up” and admit that tax cuts for the wealthy were there idea of a stimulus package.  Stimulus packages come with debt, especially in the short term.  Those of us who think there might have been a better way to spend that money are hoping that the tax cuts for the wealthy actually result in some long-term growth, but I’ll admit, the jury is still out on that one (and the 1980’s didn’t seem to deliver.)

    • Cool_Arrow

      The Democratic Party is seriously in the need to rephrasing things. The GOP is so effective at messaging because it is simple to a fault and people buy into it.

      Of course cutting taxes will increase the deficit. It only makes sense. My best example that I have always said is do you believe that if you gave Bill Gates a $20 million dollar tax cut that he would take that money and hire more workers or invest it in Microsoft? He would only do that if he had a demand for his products from people like us buying computers, x-boxes and whatever gadgets they sell. If there was no extra demand his tax cut would likely just go into some stock fund or a bank where it won’t be circulated into the economy. Why should we increase the debt so that Bill Gates can purchase some stock fund?