State Senate Committee Nullifies “Nullification” Amendment


    Good for the State Senate!

    The top priority of Virginia tea party groups was summarily killed Tuesday morning by a subcommittee of the state senate.

    On a 4 to 3 party-line vote, Democrats on a subcommittee of the senate’s Privileges and Election committee agreed to pass by indefinitely a bill that would have put Virginia on record supporting a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution and add a provision to allow federal laws and regulations to be invalidated by the agreement of two-thirds of state legislatures.

    On his Facebook page, Sen. McEachin writes, “A hearing on the Nullification Amendment took place in a Senate P&E sub-committee today. The debate was interesting. Members of the Tea Parties were both for and against the amendment. I voted against the amendment.” Thank you, Sen. McEachin!

    P.S. Cooch clearly has a different view. Fortunately, he’s not in charge of Virginia, although he’s certainly using his perch in the Attorney General’s office to make as much mischief as he possibly can (most of which will go nowhere, but waste plenty of Virginia taxpayer dollars in pursuing his witchhunts and wild geese).


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