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Update on Lainie Singerman


As some of you may know, my daughter Lainie has been spending the Winter quarter on a study abroad program in Cairo.  Lainie has worked on several VA campaigns:  Chap Petersen, Gerry Connolly, Creigh Deeds, and Jeff Barnett.  She and 10 of the 16 students went to Sharm El Sheik for the weekend so they were out of Cairo since Friday and away from most of the demonstrations and conflicts.  The University of Chicago has been terrific throughout and we just got word that both groups of students, the ones in Cairo and the ones at Sharm El Sheik, have left Egypt.  Both groups are flying to Paris where they will finish their quarter.  As a Near East Languages and Civilizations major having to leave is disappointing for Lainie, but as her parents we’re much relieved.  Shana Singerman


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