Dr. Babur Lateef: “I want to be the Chairman for all of the people of Prince William County”


    The following statement is from Dr. Babur Lateef, “an eye surgeon from Woodbridge Virginia,” who is announcing his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.

    I have served over 15,000 patients across Prince William County and I see the needs of county residents every day. I am a father and a small business owner and I can see firsthand that it’s time for a new vision for Prince William County. We need a Chairman interested in getting things done for our businesses, our schools, and our communities rather than getting headlines for himself. If we give Corey Stewart another four years, he won’t use it to help our community; he will use it to advance his political career. I want to serve our community because I care about the problems we all face. My only agenda is getting Prince William County back on track. I want to be the Chairman for all of the people of Prince William County.

    I looked up Dr. Lateef on VPAP, and found that he donated $8,750 to Brian Moran’s gubernatorial campaign in 2009. Lateef also donated to former Republican House of Delegates candidate Faisal Gill, to the pro-Democratic “New Dominion PAC,” and to Democrats Luke Torian, Jeanette Rishell, Charles Taylor, Afeefa Syeed, and Hilda Barg. I checked the FEC database as well, and found that Lateef had donated to Democrats Barack Obama, John Kerry, Sam Rasoul, Jim Moran, and Andre Carson. I see no donations to Republicans on the FEC database. Other than that, Dr. Lateef appears to have spent little time involved with politics, but instead to have focused primarily on his medical practice and his family. Anyway, I’m just glad to see accomplished individuals like Dr. Lateef stepping up against Corey Stewart, and I wish him well against someone who badly needs replacing!


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