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Dr. Lateef to Corey Stewart: Which Is It Corey: U.S. Senate or Prince William County?


An excellent question from the Babur Lateef for Prince William County Board Chairman campaign:

Woodbridge, VA—- Dr. Babur Lateef, Democratic candidate for Prince William County Board Chairman, today challenged Corey Stewart to pick what he cares about more: Prince William County or his higher political ambitions.  

Yesterday, Chairman Stewart was quoted in CNN as saying Senator Webb’s decision to retire makes it more likely that he will challenge George Allen for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, while still running for the Chairman of the Prince William Board of Supervisors. (CNN, 2/9/11)

“Corey Stewart has some serious explaining to do to the people of Prince William County,” Dr. Lateef said. “Yesterday, he made it clear Prince William County would take a back seat to his political ambitions for higher office.  Today, I challenge Corey Stewart to give the people of Prince William County the answers they deserve. Will he run for higher office or will he actually focus on the county he is supposed to serve?  He can’t do both.”

“The people of Prince William County deserve a Chairman who is more focused on helping our county than helping their political ambitions,” Lateef added.

Dr. Lateef lives with his wife, Dr. Tarannum Lateef, a pediatric neurologist and an advocate for children with special needs, and their 4 children in the Coles district. More information about Dr. Lateef’s new vision for Prince William County can be found at www.lateefforchair.com

We might also ask, “Which is it Corey, Economic Growth and Jobs or Xenophobia, Divisiveness and Demagoguery for Prince William County?”


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