Draft Tom Perriello in the news


    On Saturday, folks from across Virginia showed up at the Jefferson Jackson dinner in Richmond to demonstrate that Tom Perriello would be a strong and viable Senate candidate. We asked folks attending the JJ to sign our petition (we got 341 signatures), distributed Draft Perriello stickers and reminded everyone that Governor Kaine is not the only Democrat that can win in November. The media noticed our presence, either writing stories about our efforts or including our presence in otherwise very pro-Kaine stories. We believe that Tom has the energy, passion, and unique experience that not only would win him the election but make him the best representative Virginia could have in the Senate.

    Our work flying the Perriello flag at the JJ follows our successes online, where we have more than 800 supporters on facebook (more than twice the number of supporters of the Draft Kaine facebook group)and over 600 online signatures for our Draft Perriello petition. With Tim Kaine taking his time deciding if he wants to run for the Senate, we will continue to build support for Tom all across the Commonwealth. George Allen may be feeling pretty upbeat about his chances 6 long years after Macaca, but the grassroots are ready to fight and ready to fight for Tom Perriello.


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