Frank Wolf votes for constituent unemployment


    This morning Republicans voted for their government job slaying bill. This bill, as mentioned before on this site, would be devastating to Northern Virginia.

    Three Republicans voted against bill. Did Frank Wolf take a principled stand for his constituents, many whose livelihood are directly connected to the government?…


    Frank Wolf, instead, voted for a bill that would increase unemployment in his district.

    So Frank Wolf calculated that the budget will be vetoed, so he could score more conservative points. But, if Frank was so sure that the bill will be defeated, then he could have stood up for his voters. I know that a symbolic vote against the bill would have made me like him more.

    But no. Frank Wolf only fears the GOP nomenklatura; he only listens to the mandates from the Party. Frank Wolf can always be counted as a good Party man.

    Voters be damned.


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