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JC Wilmore Nails It: Times-Disgrace Editorial Board is “Deranged”


I couldn’t agree more with J.C. Wilmore on this one:

So let’s get this straight; in the deranged minds of the editorial board of the Richmond Times Dispatch, Tim Kaine’s display of concern for a group of American workers who are being threatened and oppressed by an out of control rogue governor is somehow equivalent to George Allen’s use of a racial slur at a campaign event?

That’s right, according to the Republican Times-Disgrace editorial “Macaconsin” (get it? that’s a hybrid of “macaca” and “Wisconsin” – sooooo clever!!!!), Tim Kaine had his “macaca moment” by “aiding and abetting the protesters in Wisconsin through [the DNC] campaign arm, Organizing for America.” Yes, that would George Allen calling an Indian-American, S.R. Siddarth, a common ethnic/racial slur used in Allen’s mother’s native Tunisia. The same ethnic/racial slur that Allen claims, laughably, was simply a made-up nonsense word, something that just popped into his head (maybe when he was daydreaming about meeting with the CCC, or reflecting on that time he stuck a severed deer head in a black family’s mailbox, or whatever), blah blah blah.

OK, look, I’m not the biggest Tim Kaine fan in the world, for a number of policy reasons – ironically, including Kaine’s support for “right to work” in Virginia – but this is one of the stupidest, craziest, most laughable editorials I’ve seen in a long time. Comparing the DNC’s support for workers in Wisconsin who are standing up for their rights to a blatantly racist statement by a guy with a long history of racist statements and actions? It’s completely bonkers. But, sadly, not surprising for a newspaper whose parent company (the right-wingnut “Media General”) shamelessly employs Eric Cantor’s wife as a member of its board of directors. That sort of says it all right there, I’d say; the only question is why anyone would take seriously anything the Republican Times-Disgrace editorial board has to say about anything.