Major New Wind Initiative Announced in Norfolk


    Great news from Norfolk, Virginia earlier today.

    Unveiling a coordinated strategic plan to accelerate the development of offshore wind energy, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu today announced major steps forward in support of offshore wind energy in the United States, including new funding opportunities for up to $50.5 million for projects that support offshore wind energy deployment and several high priority Wind Energy Areas in the mid-Atlantic that will spur rapid, responsible development of this abundant renewable resource.  

    Deployment of clean, renewable offshore wind energy will help meet the President’s goal of generating 80 percent of the Nation’s electricity from clean energy sources by 2035.

    For his part, Gov. Bob McDonnell said thatVirginia is uniquely positioned to lead the nation in the development of a reliable domestic offshore wind energy industry that produces affordable energy for our homes and businesses,” as the “waters off of Virginia are well-suited for offshore wind energy production.” Of course, this is Bob McDonnell we’re talking about, so of course we got the obligatory ode to “nuclear, coal, oil and natural gas.” Still, I’m glad to see McDonnell being so positive about offshore wind development in Virginia. Perhaps McDonnell even agrees with the National Wildlife Federation, which says, “Offshore wind holds great potential to create jobs, cut pollution, and reduce our reliance on dirty fossil fuels. It is time for America to move forward boldly and responsibly with clean energy…” Or is that too much to hope for?

    P.S. I wonder if Bob McDonnell agrees with George Allen that wind energy is “medieval technology” and that a policy of encouraging it constitutes “tilting at windmills.”


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