State Senate Votes to Restrict Cuccinelli; Chap Compares Situation to “Days of Galileo”


    And with the passage of SB831 through the State Senate (on a 24-16, mostly – but not completely – party line vote), sanity returns for a moment to the Commonwealth of Virginia.  As Sen. Chap Petersen explains:

    From the days of Galileo, there have been attempts to restrict academic research and science, whether by outright prohibition or via a politically-charged “investigation.”  It doesn’t have to be that way.

    Today’s vote, while a temporary victory, showed that there is a bipartisan group of lawmakers who are disturbed that our academics can be subject to an arbitrary exercise of power.

    Well said. Now, on to the House of Delegates where I’m sure the right wingers will see reason and…oh, forget it. 🙁

    UPDATE: Cooch now wants to go directly to the Supreme Court on his anti-healthcare lawsuit. The Justice Department says that Cooch’s challenge should go through the normal process and not be fast-tracked. Meanwhile, I’m sure there’s stuff going on in Virginia that the Attorney General should be paying attention to, but that would be so boring and all. (snark)

    UPDATE #2: Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple adds, “By limiting Attorney Cuccinelli’s power to conduct political witch-hunts in our colleges and universities and other measures we taken, we are working to maintain a balanced approach to government in Virginia.”

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