Stratfor on “Egypt’s Tipping Point” [UPDATE: Mubarak Steps Down!!!]


    (It’s very hard to pay attention to Virginia politics – or the crazy Republicans in Congress – when amazing, earth-shaking events like this are unfolding in Egypt. Also, is this an example of people power and Liberation Technology or what?!? Feel free to discuss. – promoted by lowkell)

    In case you’re following the situation in Egypt – which I am, closely – check out this excellent analysis from Stratfor. Sorry, Virginia, but what’s going on in Cairo is a lot more interesting than what happening in Richmond with our teahadist House of Delegates, our bat****-crazy Attorney General, and our most excellent Governor McDummkopf (or is it McMediocrity?).

    UPDATE: Mubarak has stepped down. Amazing, what a moment in the history of Egypt and the Middle East!

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