The Republican Assault on the Environment Rages Across America – and Virginia


    Across the nation, the Republican assault on the environment is going full-steam ahead. See SolveClimateNews, for instance, for information on how state renewable energy standards are under attack from GOP legislators. And, of course, the BONEr-misled House of Representatives is doing everything it can to destroy the EPA, the Clean Air Act, you name it. They’re even holding hearings that prominently feature the bought-and-paid-for dirty industry shills known as “climate change deniers.”

    Meanwhile, here in Virginia, we’ve got some seriously horrible, anti-environnmental legislation of our own to deal with. For instance, check this out from the Virginia Sierra Club and please take action!

    Yes, Virginia, Climate Change is real. Stop HB 1397 NOW!

    Every day we are confronted with more evidence that climate change is real and a serious threat to our way of life.  Yet, too many politicians who say they are concerned about future generations when they talk about budget deficits ignore the sea level rise, droughts and more severe storms that our children will face if we fail to take action on climate change.  

    Worse yet, climate change denier legislation that passed the VA House of Delegates 68 to 30 would actually prohibit the implementation of federal regulations in Virginia that promote more efficient housing. That bill, HB 1397, is now before the Virginia Senate where we need to stop it.

    Please take action today. Tell your Senator climate change is real and that we need to be taking action to prevent it, not creating obstacles to increased efficiency.  Click here to take action NOW.

    By the way, shame on anyone who voted for HB 1397. That includes ostensible “Democrats” Ward Armstrong and Johnny Joannou, plus supposedly more “moderate” NOVA Republicans like Tom Rust and Jim LeMunyon. So much for that theory…


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