The Trump Card: Donald Trump taking aim at Terry and Kenny?


    By Paul Goldman

    With Donald Trump, THE ONE AND ONLY DONALD {sorry Senator McEachin, but you are not THE DONALD yet even though I do use that moniker on my IPHONE for you number} apparently planning to buy the Albemarle House of former billionaire John Kluge, could he be planning a run for Virginia Governor in 2013? No, you say, he is planning to run for President in 2012, based on his recent appearance at the conservative conclave last week.

    But as THE DONALD has said on his TV show, you don’t start at the top, you first need to show a prior aptitude for a job. Starting out at the White House level is too much for even THE DONALD.

    Besides, why run against an incumbent when you can first be Governor of Virginia and then have an open field in 2016?

    Do the math. If Trump is willing to fund a race for president, then of course he can afford – after all he is THE DONALD – a race for Governor as a independent third-party candidate.


    It is the smart businessman’s play. Think about it. Before you spend a billion running for President, at least try to see if you have appeal in a swing state.

    Accordingly, a 2013 campaign for Governor would be a political Apprentice episode, seeing how you do at the lower level before asking for a promotion.

    What does THE DONALD bring to 2013 race?

    First, of course, is money.

    Second, is more money.

    Third, is celebrity.

    There are many in Virginia with celebrity – but none equal to THE DONALD. (The Mars Family has more money, but no celebrity status.)

    But you say: What about substance?

    My response: What about substance?

    According to the Washington Post, the 2009 race for Governor was devoid of real substance.

    I just read on Blue Virginia a big complaint from all the young folks saying politics was all BS. Their parents, like the Post, have been saying that for years.

    Take 2009: it was about a 1989 graduate school thesis, according to the Democrats.

    THE DONALD was far more interesting than Bob McDonnell back then. He founded his own airline, bought the Plaza Hotel, and started the largest casino in Atlantic City. All on borrowed money (true, they all ran into huge debt problems).

    Which means: Is there any doubt that Trump is now the perfect guy for our new borrow-and-spend approach in Virginia?

    If anyone can figure out how to borrow all the money to pay for all the road projects and then have the bonds go under, it is THE DONALD. He always manages to land on his feet.

    THE DONALD says the purchase of the Albemarle House is just part of his wanting to expand a presence in the wine and real estate business here in Virginia.  But we know he is always thinking ahead to the next deal. So, surely he knows that this purchase will help fuel sales worldwide if he is pictured drinking his own wine, toasting his Inauguration as Governor of Virginia in January 2014.      


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