Thinking back on 2006


    Remembering back in 2006 when we drafted Jim Webb to run and then beat George Allen… Memories and life-long friends… Lowell Feld, Ingrid Morroy, Kate Wilder, Wasim Entabi, Mary Lee Cerillo, Mary Louise Detweiler, Laura Austin Sonnenmark, Kenton Ngo, John Bruhns, Benjamin Tribbett, Doug Reimel, Josh Chernila, Kenneth Bernstein, Antonia Scatton, and many more.

    That was an awesome 9 months… starting as an underdog just for the privilege to be beat by George Allen and in the end taking the son of a gun down!

    Some of my favorite memories:

    1) Falls Church Memorial Day Parade (150 Webb folks)

    2) Arlington Community Day Parade (75 Webb folks)

    3) The Rally the Day Before the Primary with John Kerry

    4) Election night when Lowell Feld was in a nervous frenzy at home… until Fairfax absentees reported!

    What a ride!

    By the way… we supported Jim in 2006 because he wasn’t a career politician and had a broad range of experience, so it shouldn’t be a surprise he’d retire after one term.


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